Our job :
the cold insulation

  • Industrial refrigeration insulation
  • Positive and negative cold rooms
  • Insulated panels
  • Cold storage
  • Joinery isotherms

Who are we?

• One of the leading players in the industrial cold insulation sector

Armed with its considerable expertise and driven by a permanent quest for innovation, LEBRE SAS employs 70 people assigned to several professional teams (Estimates office, Design Office, Production Department) ready to listen to your needs. LEBRE SAS is located on a 12,990-m² site in the Nantes region of western France. The company also has offices in Rungis and Tarbes. LEBRE SAS is ranked as one of the leading players in the industrial cold insulation sector.

• Custom design

Our business: the design and delivery of industrial cold insulation solutions for buildings, positive and negative cold rooms, installation of insulation panels, cold storage, dry product warehouses.

• A cutting-edge R&D approach

LEBRE SAS adopts a sophisticated research and development approach to develop solutions that meet customers' requirements.

• cold insulation professionals

LEBRE draws on the expertise and professionalism of its employees. Constantly attentive to your needs, they work within the framework of the specified technical and environmental standards and are capable of developing products that not only match your expectations but also comply with the technical requirements of the food processing sector.


1953 : Georges LEBRE establishes LEBRE at his home in Saint Herblain (Loire Atlantique, western France), a company specialising in water supply systems and thermal insulation. The company starts out with five employees.

1960 : Thermal insulation solutions for boats built at the DUBIGEON shipyards in Nantes.

1970 : LEBRE launches its cold insulation business, a flourishing market. The company moves to Vigneux de Bretagne (Loire Atlantique), employing 25 people.

1980 : Eric LEBRE joins his father. He specialises in cold insulation. LEBRE ceases its activities in the fields of water supply systems and thermal insulation and invests in lifting equipment.

1984 : Eric LEBRE buys Georges LEBRE and establishes LEBRE SARL.

1985 : Eric LEBRE establishes FMI, a company specialising in the manufacture of high-quality insulated doors and subsidiary of LEBRE. At the time, FMI revolutionised the insulated door sector by launching the polyester/stainless steel concept. The company invests in polyester machines, soldering machines and digitally-controlled guillotines.

1989 : Georges LEBRE retires from the company. Eric LEBRE succeeds him at the helm of the company which now employs 35 people.

1993 : LEBRE obtains Qualibat 7172 certification for the first time, thereafter renewed every four years.

1995 : LEBRE changes status from a limited company (LEBRE SA) to a simplified joint-stock company (LEBRE SAS). An audit company is brought in to set up the new organisational structure for the different departments within the company. The organisational structure introduced still operates today.

1996 : First foray into the Export market, with the construction of a herb freezing factory in Malaysia.

1999 : Construction of a negative cold room and container ships at the Hong-Kong port terminal.

2003 : Building extension on the Vigneux de Bretagne site (surface area doubled).

2008 : LEBRE SAS invests in equipment and extends its premises further.

2010 : Today, LEBRE SA continues to expand (with significant export opportunities) and has some major accounts with customers of national and international renown. LEBRE SAS brings together high-quality technical expertise (Design Office, assemblers, etc.) and employs close to 100 people (with its subsidiary FMI) in the local area. It actively contributes to the economic dynamism of the region.

Today : The company has 60 years of business and know-how behind it.


LEBRE internationnal accompanies clients on many projects.

LEBRE accompagne à l'internationnal des clients sur de nombreux chantiers.

Estimates office

4 economists at your disposal to :

  • analyse your project and specifications
  • measure
  • calculate
  • provide you with an optimised cost budget

Internal design office

Our team uses advanced technical resources :

  • deliver your project plans
  • prepare projects
  • 6 design draughtsmen working for you, in partnership with our economists.

Works department

The Works Department is responsible for ensuring your projects are of the highest quality.

Our project managers :

  • supervise more than 15 site foremen working for you
  • plan, organise and supervise your projects
  • liaise closely with your technical people

Organisation chart

Organisation chart


  • Nantes region: 12,990-m2 site and offices
  • Rungis office
  • Tarbes offices


LEBRE SAS is also about cutting-edge material and equipment :

  • Telescopic fork-lift trucks for exteriors
  • Lifting equipment
  • Scissor-lift platforms for assembling panels
  • Electro-pneumatic suction equipment
  • Industrial forklifts for handling panel pallets

All foremen carry a comprehensive set of hand-held electrical tools.

Site safety

Safety is an absolute priority for LEBRE SAS.

Day-to-day, we :

  • carry out regular skills development tests among our assemblers
  • test the operation of motorised mobile machinery used on sites
  • carry out lifting equipment operation tests (training required)
  • conduct CACES (safe driving aptitude certificate) testing of our drivers: verification of their expertise to ensure safe driving

The choice of materials and equipment is made on the basis of technical constraints and the safety of site personnel.

Our quality commitments


For optimised quality and to guarantee the reliability of its projects, LEBRE SAS has been Qualibat 7172-certified since 1993. This certification is renewed every four years. It was last confirmed on 14 December 2009 and is valid until September 2021.

LEBRE SAS has been a member of the SNI (the French National Insulation Union) since 1979.

The concept

Industry serving the property sector

The Concept reflects a genuine capacity to adapt to the new requirements and challenges of our society, as well as buyers' expectations: seeking permanent improvements to homes for well-being and comfort, using an environmentally-friendly approach. Our buildings of between 45 m² and 114 m² delivered in 90 days comply with architectural and regional characteristics.


The group's industrial expertise led to the development of an innovative French construction process, patented in July 2007. Our projects are designed by our design office, our own registered architects and construction economists.

Technical commitments

  • An energy-efficient LCB (low-consumption building,) certified for each operation and each geographic site by a qualified ISO 9001 and 14 001 thermal design office.
  • 100% recyclable components
  • Ten-year and biennial guarantees.
  • H and E (Housing and the Environment label) validated by a specific mission assigned to SOCOTEC, a leading French player in the construction risk management sector.
  • HEQ (High Environmental Quality): this process received a prize in the 2007 C.Q.F.D French national competition in recognition of the solutions developed in response to the four criteria defined by the French Housing Ministry (reduced cost, technical quality, reliability of components, reduced delivery times).


Nantes :

Address : Malescot,
Tel : + 33 2 40 57 71 00
Fax : + 33 2 40 57 37 18

Rungis :

Address : 5 Rue de la Corderie
(in the Rungis market),
94 596 RUNGIS
Tel : + 33 1 56 30 92 70
Fax : + 33 1 56 30 92 71

Tarbes :

Address : 5 rue Industrie
Tel : + 33 5 62 37 94 91
Fax : + 33 5 62 38 06 11

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